ASC Credentialing offers our clients the most innovative credentialing services on the market. Our state-of-the-art system allows us to offer a complete package of services for any size organization, needing to meet the challenges associated with credentialing, re-credentialing, and primary source verification.

Our services include efficient data management for tracking and updating provider credentialing information, as well as providing continuous reporting to our client organizations.

 Above all, our clients can trust that practitioner data is maintained in a completely secure credentialing system.

ASC Credentialing strives to meet or exceed the unique requirements of all of its client organizations. We believe in partnering with you in order to ensure your organization is able to consistently comply with the standards and regulations governing your credentialing procedures. See our complete list of services.


We will mail, fax or email the credentialing application to the provider for review and signature. Depending on the services that our clients choose, we will ensure that the provider application package is securely sent to the recipient, to whom you have directed us to send the information.


We save our clients 4 to 10 percent in annual operational costs.



As a part of our standard service, we send status reports periodically, so you are continuously updated and informed about the credentialing status of your providers.

ASC Credentialing


 •  Unmatched client centered approach

 •  Automated provider credentialing and



•  Paperless credentialing

•  Primary source Verification

•  Strategic implementation consulting and

    project management



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